Divorce Process

Men’s/Women’s Rights Lawyers

You can’t turn on the radio in Michigan without hearing commercials for law firms who specialize in representing either men or women in divorce. The women’s rights firms claim to understand the needs of women and promise a holistic resolution made possible only by aggressive attorneys. The men’s rights firms talk about bias against men in the court system and makes claims that men have the potential of losing their home, their pensions and their children unless they engage a firm of pit bulls.

Keep in mind that these are marketing schemes. When a client agrees to their aggressive strategy, the client is giving the firm a blank check to engage in long, protracted litigation, which may not be in the best interest of their client. Remember that no one has developed a magic potion that produces better results for either men or women.

Marketing toward men is based on the perception that courts are biased against men. However, if the courts are biased against men, why do men’s rights firms lead their clients into a courtroom, where their clients have an uphill battle to obtain a fair settlement? Our approach is to seek a process, such as Collaborative Divorce or Mediation, in which the parties avoid the courtroom and stay on a level playing field.

The only guaranteed method of avoiding any alleged bias in the court system is to maintain control over your divorce. It’s your money and they are your children. We believe the only two people who should be making decisions regarding your children and the division of your assets are you and your spouse. In our approach, we’ll do our due diligence and make sure you’re protected. We’ll also make sure you understand all of the facts and how the law applies to your case and help guide you to an equitable resolution.