Divorce Process

Candidates for Amicable Divorce – 5 Point Checklist

We believe that it is important that you and your divorce lawyer are a good fit and can function as a team to work for your benefit. If you and your lawyer disagree on how the case should proceed and what your expectations should be, then it is going to be detrimental to your case.

The Following is a List of Traits of Our More Successful Divorce Clients

  • They understand the need for experienced, knowledgeable legal advice, but want to make their own decisions regarding their divorce and not leave decisions regarding themselves and their children in the hands of a Judge.
  • They are willing to put their children first and understand they must maintain a cordial relationship with their spouse which permits them to continue to co-parent their children.
  • They are willing to try non-traditional methods in order to complete the process more quickly, efficiently and for less money.
  • They do not want to use the divorce process to extract revenge from their spouse, but want to use it as a time to prepare themselves for their lives post-divorce.
  • They want to get through the divorce as painlessly as possible and move on with their lives.