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Divorce Process

Choosing a Divorce Process

The first step in selecting the right attorney is choosing the process for your divorce. If you want the divorce to be amicable, you should select an attorney trained in Collaborative Divorce or trained as a mediator. If your goal is to take your spouse “to the cleaners,” you should find a real pit bull to represent you (although we would recommend getting a second opinion before you embark on a scorched earth approach).

A friend was recently divorced. After filing, his soon-to-be ex-wife sincerely told everyone that she wanted the divorce to be completed amicably. They are both good people and are both devoted to their children. However, the wife hired an attorney recommended by her father because he was an old college friend. He was a good attorney, but he has a reputation for being one of the most aggressive, litigious attorneys in Detroit. My friend also wished to resolve the divorce amicably, but felt that he needed to hire a comparable attorney, just in case. Typically, some disputes arose. But instead of resolving the disputes through phone calls and four way meetings, the attorneys filed motions, the animosity increased and the divorce spun out of control. Ultimately, they wasted tens of thousands of dollars on attorney fees, money that the wife could have used in the property settlement, and, due to the animosity, the parties lost their ability to co-parent their children.
The lesson is to make sure you select the right process for your divorce. And after you have selected the process, hire an attorney with a reputation for handling those types of cases.

Pitler Family Law and Mediation offers several amicable divorce solutions, including Collaborative Divorce, One Lawyer Divorce and Mediation. Learn more by visiting the respective areas of site.