Divorce Process

Choosing a Divorce Process

The first step in selecting the right attorney is choosing the process for your divorce. If you want the divorce to be amicable, you should select an attorney trained in Collaborative Divorce or trained as a Mediator. In additional to being a court-certified Mediator, Randall Pitler has been President of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan, appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court Administrator to the committee to create Court Rules for Collaborative Divorce, and has presented on Limited Scope Representation at the 2019 Mid-Summer Conference of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan.

Pitler Family Law and Mediation offers several amicable divorce solutions, including Collaborative Divorce, One Lawyer Divorce and Mediation.

One Lawyer Divorce/Uncontested Divorce - This is the best option if you and your spouse have a framework of an agreement on the major issues such as parenting time, who is getting the house, and how you want to divide retirement accounts and other assets. Ethically we cannot represent both parties, but one spouse hires our firm under Limited Scope Representation and we work closely with both parties as we do all of the work, from the initial meeting, drafting all documents, and court appearances, necessary to complete the divorce professionally and efficiently. Most of these cases are handled under a flat fee.  

Mediation - Mediation is a cooperative process when the parties do not have an agreement on most issues. In divorce mediation, the parties and their attorneys meet with a neutral mediator, who facilitates the negotiation between the parties and helps them reach a settlement. The mediator does not make decisions for you.

Collaborative Divorce - An out-of-court process that provides legal, financial, and emotional support to the parties.  Each party has their own attorney who has completed a training program in Collaborative Divorce. The parties and their attorneys pledge not to go to court and work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial process to achieve a mutually acceptable settlement. The process also uses mental health professionals as divorce/parenting time coaches and financial neutrals to help with budgeting and financial projections.

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